Daktari Popote, a Kenyan Healthcare Consultation App Launches



In 2012, Safaricom partnered with Call-A-Doc in launching a healthcare consultation app called Daktari 1525. The service initially gained traction but not much has been heard of it in recent times. A new player is out to take over this space with a new service. Global Technologies Limited has launched an app called DaktariPopote, which will allow users to access healthcare services from home, office or elsewhere.

The service will offer health consultancy services from General Doctors, Gynecologists, Dermatologists, Pediatricians, Sexual Health Advisors, Dieticians & Nutritionists, Urologists, ENT specialists and Psychologists/Counsellors.

DaktariPopote also bills itself as a service meant to reduce the doctor patient ratio, which according to the World Bank stands at one doctor to 100,000 patients. It also seeks to cut the huge burden Kenyans face in seeing health specialists including long distances, long waiting hours and high cost of medical consultations. The service is low cost with guarantees of convenience and confidentiality.

Through the app, doctors can send prescriptions which patients can use to visit the nearest pharmacy and get the drugs.  The app enables people to take and send pictures to doctors or attach test results such as X-ray and ultra sound. The user will have 5 days to chat with the health specialist for free after paying the consultation fee which allows the specialist to follow on the progress of their health. Users can consult health specialists through a WhatsApp like chat, audio or video. The doctors available for consultation are qualified and licensed by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board.

Users can download the app from the Play Store or access the service via their website. The website and app also features useful health tools like BMI Calculator, Ovulation Calculator and Due Date Calculator. DaktariPopote is said to be working on partnerships with pharmacies, clinics, and labs so users can get prescriptions, follow up healthcare, or tests if necessary.


  1. Hi, I think this is a great project that will bring many benefits to humanity. I believe that this is the right contribution to the development of medicine. I support you guys, you are great. Thanks.

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