Just How Many Active Chrome Browsers Are Out There?

Acer Chromebook 14

A few years ago, the word “Chrome” simply meant a desktop web browser that people had widely adopted because of its speed and booming extensions ecosystem.

Today, the name’s meaning has expanded to include both hardware and software products. Chrome has moved from being an Internet Explorer slayer to a dominant mobile application to the centre of an entire light-weight desktop operating system that has won the education sector’s imagination.

But, just how many actively running instances of the Chrome browser are out there?

According to a tweet from Chrome’s Vice President of Product Management at Google, Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, there are 2 billion active Chrome browsers on both mobile and desktop devices. 2 billion!

Maybe that huge number is somewhere near the amount of RAM one needs in order to be able to run Chrome effectively on their machine, no?

While we have no idea what he means by “active Chrome browsers”, we can’t take anything away from Google’s impressive milestone even though typing this from an Opera browser window makes me feel like Judas.

VIAAndroid Police
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