Twitter’s New Strategy To Acquire New Users Is Implementing A Snapcode-like Feature




One of Twitter’s main problems is the slow acquisition of new users which has been shown time and time again from their quarterly results. They have acknowledged the problem and have pushed new features to remedy this like a brand new homescreen to implore people to sign up and to change confusing UI stuff like the favourite button and the reply buttons.

Well, it seems they are trying out another way to let people easily add other users to Twitter and it is one we have seen from Snapchat.


Yes, Twitter now gives you the ability to add friends via a QR code. This is an implementation that we saw being implemented by Snapchat first, Messenger later on and it is a fast way of adding friends on the go.

It is quite easy to do this. On Android, you only need to swipe to get into the menu bar on the left and click on the QR code menu. It will first show the QR scanner on the right that allows you to scan someone’s QR code. You can also import scanned QR codes from your gallery from the camera button shown on the bottom right. Tapping on the “my QR code” will reveal the code that you can either screenshot or share (there is a share button on the top right) to the platform of choice.

This feature is available to some users (ver. 6.24 for the Android app has it) so you only need to check if you have the QR code menu. It has also been spotted on iOS so this is not a platform specific update.

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