Mark Zuckerberg Shows Off Jarvis, The Digital Personal Assistant For His Home

mark zuckerberg showing off jarvis


mark zuckerberg showing off jarvis

Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has become known in recent times for publicly stating his resolutions for the year, like last year he vowed to read a new book every week. In 2016 however, he had an ambitious goal which was entrenched on his background as a coder where he set out to create a digital personal assistant for his house.

The assistant, aptly named Jarvis (like Iron Man’s assistant) was to be created for a specific purpose, which was to run Zuckerberg’s home. We are almost a year in and Mark Zuckerberg has finally shown the assistant in action via video on his Facebook page.

In the video, Mark shows Jarvis in action starting from when he wakes up and gets information from the AI like his agenda of the day and the weather. He uses a special app he developed so that he can issue commands to it. He even uses Jarvis to check out the status of his daughter where we get to know it has been programmed to blurt out Mandarin and to identify his parents at the door.

There are also some fun moments in the video like Jarvis helping Mark to get ready in the morning by shooting out his classic grey t-shirt, making his toast,or refusing to play Nickleback songs (ouch!). Zuckerberg also came up with a Messenger bot that he uses to control Jarvis if he doesn’t want to command it directly. It ends with the eccentric CEO requesting people for ideas he can add to improve Jarvis and of course you may have some to share to him.

This is actually cool and it is commendable the busy CEO has been able to squeeze in time to create an AI for his house. For those interested in how he came up with the system, Mark wrote about it on a Facebook Note.

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