Finally, LinkedIn Refreshes its Desktop Website


Several months after it previewed its upcoming big redesign, LinkedIn has finally unveiled the new look LinkedIn website targeted at desktop users.

Some of the new features that users will notice once they visit and log on to their accounts include a more personalized news feed that is much cleaner than the clutter that defined the older site and which brings up more relevant information to the user thanks to algorithms and human editors at work behind the scenes.

In keeping up with last year’s theme of the rise of the messenger, LinkedIn on the desktop is getting real-time messaging and bots that can handle tasks like looking for meeting venues and scheduling meetings are said to be on the way.

The site’s search functions have also been streamlined to make it easier to find people, companies, groups, educational institutions and even jobs in one place.

The redesign of LinkedIn’s website follows a similar move involving its mobile application which got a big and deserved facelift last year to keep it at par with the trends as well as appealing and useful to its users. LinkedIn currently has 467 million users and is banking on both its new simplified look across platforms (mobile and desktop) as well as new features like videos to stay ahead of the game and attract even more users.


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