Someone Opened An Instagram Account To Taunt A Lady With Her Kitchen Mixer

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The Internet can be a cruel place.

One Evan Kohler decided to share a screenshot of her mother who posted on Facebook about her lost kichen aid mixer (that kitchen appliance that you use to mix batter) where she described it as “very bizzare..very bizzare”

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The tweet that she made regarding her mum’s plea about her mixer included some screenshots of someone who had opened an Instagram account that taunted her by placing the mixer in several locations!

The Instagram account stays true to its name where the owner of the account photographs the mixer in different locations and they are hilarious! They include a portrait photo of the mixer complete with a caption that usually has puns (seriously). It has proved to be popular as since its inception two weeks ago, it has gained over 3700 followers.

loving the views in fort smith #freeatlast #nevercominghome #adventurer #views #idontmisshome

A photo posted by Kohlers Kitchen Mixer:) ( on


life is what you <bake> it!! #arkansas #MIXitup #kohlers #enjoyinglife #notcominghome

A photo posted by Kohlers Kitchen Mixer:) ( on


love the view, just gotta {bake} it easy sometimes😎 #arkansas

A photo posted by Kohlers Kitchen Mixer:) ( on


Stopped by the bar and the bartender immediately gave me (whisk)ey. Really?

A photo posted by Kohlers Kitchen Mixer:) ( on

The funny is that according to Buzzfeed, the person behind the account is ‘close to he family’ and got hold of it by “accident”. Apparently the person is not letting go of the mixer and they intend to take the mixer to ‘bigger destinations.’


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