New Images of The Upcoming LG G6 Show It From All Angles


It is no secret that the LG G6 is on its way. We have highlighted some rumours of this flagship before and just a few hours ago, new images of the G6 surface, showing us how it looks from all possible angles.

The LG G6 looks a lot like the V20 (or is it just me?), but this doesn’t mean the device is not unique in its own way. LG have made a lot of changes to this year’s flagship, moving away from their traditional design language of a removable battery in favour of water resistance (this is much welcome). LG have also ditched the much hyped feature of the previous G5, modular design.

The images show dual cameras and back fingerprint sensor. These new images also show that the G6 has a USB-C port and a headphone jack (still weird how we have to celebrate this). Have a look for yourself:

 The LG G6 has a metal frame, a brushed metal design on the back side, an interesting bluish-grey color, a single speaker at the bottom, the volume buttons on the left side, the SIM and micro SD card tray on the right side.
The minimal screen bezels are shown in all its glory, while the display itself interestingly has rounded corners (like the Xiaomi Mi Mix).
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