Xiaomi Reportedly Readying Itself to Release Mi Max 2


In May, it will be exactly a year since Xiaomi announced its Mi Max phablet, its biggest smartphone ever, the 6.4-inch Mi Max. So what does it plan to do? Unveil a successor.

According to reports, some of the updates to the device will include a boost on the RAM with a 6GB model showing up. The first generation Mi Max was available in 3 and 4G memory configurations. As the display size remains the same, the processor will be upgraded from Snapdragon 650/652 to Snapdragon 660. A massive 5,000mAh battery with support for fast charging is expected to power up all those high-spec internals.

Xiaomi is readying itself to launch its own processors soon but it looks like the Mi Max won’t be one of those devices that get the first generation Pinecone chips.