Netflix Adds Offline Playback For The Windows 10 App


netflix offline playback windows 10

When you talk about TV streaming services, a person would probably ask you whether you are talking about Netflix. It has become quite popular thanks to giving people access to thousands of TV shows and movies where you pay an average of $10 per month to access the repository.

They opened their services to the world towards the end of 2015 thereby making sure they add more subscribers in addition to the few markets they were operating since the beginning. Although streaming looks like the future of TV, this usually needs a fast stable connection and it requires being locked somewhere with a Wi-Fi connection or having a huge data bundle balance.

The solution to this is offline playback and Netflix added that feature at the beginning of the year to their mobile apps. If you are a Netflix subscriber, all you have to do is look out for the offline download icon which is represented by the generic download button.

Now Netflix has brought that feature to the Windows 10 app which is kinda awesome!

If you have the app, make sure you have the latest version and when you launch it, it will greet you with a splash screen that shows you the symbol to look for and find stuff that you can download.

netflix available for download

Just like on the mobile app, not every show is available for download, but Netflix is gracious enough to show you what is available for download. Several movies, TV shows and documentaries are available for download although the one show that I really wanted to download for offline viewing was not available.