Google Tackles Fake News With Fact Check Tags In Search Results

google fact check search news results

google fact check search news results

The discussion about the effects of fake news started last year after the US General election and the focus has been shifted to Internet companies to help in the curbing of this vice.

Facebook and Google are among the biggest Internet players and billions of people out there rely on the companies to serve them with news. Both companies have committed some resources to fight the spread of fake news and now we get to see what Google is doing.

According to a blogpost by the company, Google will now have a Fact Check label in Google News. Last year, Google had enabled this feature on a few countries where it will show that the articles have been fact checked by news publishers and fact-checking organizations.

Now, they have assessed feedback from users and publishers alike from the initial test and now the Fact Check label will be available everywhere in Google News and on Search.

When you conduct a search on Google, you will receive quite an exhaustive result which contains fact checks. The snippet information under the search results will show you the claim, who made the claim and the fact check of that particular claim.

According to the company, this won’t be available for every search results and there may be search results where different publishers checked the same claim and reached different conclusions. Google reveals that these checks are not theirs and they are presented so that people can make ‘informed judgements.’

Google also says that this effort wouldn’t be possible without the help of other organizations where now the fact check community has grown to 115 organizations. It now joins Facebook in this quest to fact check articles posted by publishers.


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