Twitter Mocked United Airlines Over Passenger That Got Dragged

United Airlines was not spared at all

dr dao being dragged on United Airlines

This has not been a particularly good week for the US carrier, United Airlines. The airline got bad press on Sunday evening after a fracas on one of the flights in Chicago. The plane was overbooked and apparently according to the company, it had offered vouchers to the passengers to rebook but no one volunteered.

This led to the airline forcibly removing a passenger who was later revealed to be Dr David Dao which was recorded and shared on Twitter.

This incident has become a PR nightmare for the airline and according to reports, it has led to the company’s stock to plummet. It also led Twitter to mock the airline for their actions towards the passenger.

Pornhub criticized the Airline (of all companies)

Don’t fly in a United Airline without a Pepsi


New spokesperson for United Airlines

When you find yourself in an overbooked United Airlines flight

If United Airlines had their own LEGO

Thank you for flying United Airlines…

The new drag and drop feature of United’s app

The app jokes didn’t end there

People even came up with a hashtag #NewUnitedAirlines Motto

This one is based on the movie ‘Fight Club’


“…putting the hospital in hospitality.”

Rival Airlines could not let this moment pass as they also mocked United Airlines for their major faux pas

Starting off is Emirates with their subtle shade

Royal Jordanian couldn’t let this slide

This is not going away soon and in the age where social media use is already part and parcel of normal life, it will take a long time for United to have a better PR image with the world.

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