This is How Far We Have Come: Techweez First Smartphone Review

rewind tbt

rewind tbtSo during the week I felt like digging through the archives in search of the first ever smartphone review to be posted on Techweez. You know how good it feels to look at your old photos and get those nostalgic feelings, that’s what I was looking for.

Well, my digging turned out to be more of humour than nostalgia but I know our editor would feel the nostalgia more.

January 29, 2011… A review of the Nokia C7 was posted. Before we get to the review itself, our tagline back then was “Get it right the first time”, comments? No? Hey, it was a good tagline and we did and still do get it right the first time, just ask Safaricom.

Nokia C7

Moving on. The highlight of the review was the fact that you the Nokia C7 was “a smartphone you can hold with four fingers while you scroll with the fifth”. Anyway, at that time, the Nokia C7 was the latest device from Nokia. The excitement in the review tells it all that the device was actually something to talk about, looked calm and had a “waiting-to-be-touched appeal” (not my words).

The review is quite interesting, back then, 3G connectivity was a huge deal, an 8MP camera was heaven-sent and that “8gb hard drive with Micro Sd slot” was to die for. Plus it had a torch. Damn, I miss those things!

Wait, hard drive?

what gif

The Nokia C7 was no joke, you could actually use the device to control an actual car. Can your iPhone or Galaxy do that?

The best part of the review was this line right here:

Having a great camera, you are tempted to steal pictures of cute females, I have never quite figured how to mute the camera shutter sound, you will get busted.

So, as you think of how you’re going to be “stealing pictures of cute females”, read the full review of the Nokia C7 here.

By the way, we had a Techweez app for Symbian as well. *drops mic*

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