Google Showcases The New Google Earth

Don't worry...we don't have Stories yet for Google Earth


Google Earth is the well known virtual globe application that you can use on the web or on an app that allows you to view satellite images around the world. It is quite cool since you can use it to virtually travel around the world from the comfort of your location.

Now Google hyped the latest iteration of Google Earth last week which was expected to be released today, and they did. Apparently according to Google, this was “two years in the making” and this is what they have come up with.


Google has partnered with scientists, storytellers and nonprofits to showcase interactive guided tours on Voyager. There are more than 50 immersive stories to be viewed in Voyager and Google promises that they will add more weekly.

I’m feeling lucky comes to Google Earth

You know that elusive “I’m feeling lucky” button that has been on Google’s homepage for eons now? Well now it is on Google Earth. If you click on it (a dice button), you will be able to”uncover hidden gems” as Google says where you will be able to explore over 20,000 places the company has curated for you to discover.

Shiny new 3D button

3D is usually more immersive than 2D imagery and now the new Google Earth has a 3D button. This would be perfect to check out architecture like the Château de Chambord in France or geological features like the Grand Canyon.

This new feature is now available on Chrome here and on Android. For the latter, guys over there at APK mirror have the new Google Earth apk for download. It will be available on iOS and on other browsers in the “near future” according to Google.


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