LinkedIn Revises Some of its Privacy Policies and Announces that Bots are Coming


LinkedIn Image

LinkedIn, which was acquired by Microsoft a while ago, is a social media platform for professionals who are looking to expand their career goals and options. It is one of the best platforms that provides an environment for people who want to have an organized professional life as a way of increasing the chances of finding new opportunities to boost their working profiles and skills.

It has been long since LinkedIn updated its Terms of Service and the company has sought to re-evaluate its Privacy Policy in a way that is comprehensible to its users. However, note that the company is not changing its commitment to serve its clients; rather, it is giving them more control over the management of personal information.

First of all, LinkedIn has decided to allow visibility to some third-party services in regard to what information will be available to search engines. The explanation for this openness is based on making search engine optimization more efficient. Mostly, this feature is enabled by default, but an option will be provided to disable this feature for users who’d rather not share their information. Additionally, users can define what kind of information that should be seen on their profiles.

Secondly, the professional’s social network intends to broadcast successes in a career, with tools that encourage sharing of such accomplishments to peers within a defined network. Perhaps, this is meant to echo one’s abilities, which demonstrates their potential and value. Similar to the former revision, you can opt out of this option if it does not sound right to you.

Furthermore, the company now has in-built productivity bots just like any modern social media platform. For this case, LinkedIn aims to improve auto-replies for chats, scheduling meetings, to mention a few. Users can decide to use these bots, or can choose to avoid them altogether and manage matters by themselves.

LinkedIn is also going to introduce virtual connections as one of the new policies. This is an upcoming tool that is intended to aid seamless meeting of other members in a network. Interested members who have opted in can meet in a conference, an event or meeting provided they are relatively close to one another.

Another notable update is on Payment Services for those who need to buy Premium capabilities. These terms have been made clearer. Lastly, the company has promised transparency, as well as the availability of choices and control over user information.

Most of these revisions will go live as from June 7, 2017.