Siri Will Read Out Your Messages On WhatsApp For iOS



Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant that you find in Apple devices, can be used to do several things on Apple devices and WhatsApp is taking advantage of that.

In the latest WhatsApp for iOS build (ver. 2.17.2), it will allow users to ask Siri to read your latest messages. This is perfect for a scenario where you are driving and you want to know the latest messages that have been sent to you in your chats. This update will only work with iOS devices that are running iOS 10.3 or later.

This is not the only time we have seen WhatsApp integrate Siri to perform certain functions. Last year, they updated WhatsApp to allow Siri not only to send messages, but also make WhatsApp calls. Just like in the new update, this works when you are in a situation where you really need to be hands-free but you would want to use certain functions on WhatsApp.

That is not all, there are other improvements that have been made in this version 2.17.2 update.

First, in your “My Updates” screen, you will be able to select multiple statuses at once either to forward them or delete them.

The voice call icon has been replaced with a “+” icon so that you will be able to make both voice and video calls from the contact list.

Also, two step verification UI has been redesigned as well as improvements to the Contact Info, Call section and Group Info screens. As a bonus, the camera will remember its last usage.

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