Facebook Lite Finally Gets Updated With Reaction Emojis

facebook lite reactions

facebook lite reactions

You probably know Facebook Lite, which is a stripped version of the official Facebook app which is targeted for those individuals that need to have the core Facebook experience while using less data.

Since Facebook Lite is a stripped version of the bloated Facebook app, there are features that you enjoy on the latter that you don’t get on the former and one of them was Reactions. Well, you can scrap that from the list of features that you don’t get on Facebook Lite as Facebook has updated it with Reactions.

Facebook announced the rollout of Reactions on Facebook Lite on an event in India today. When you load the app, you will be able to launch the various Reaction emojis on a post by long pressing the like button, just like you would have done it on the main app.

There is a slight difference in implementation of the feature when you compare it with the main app. When you long press the like button to launch the reaction emojis, it launches a square pop up menu where it displays the various reaction emojis for use. This is different when compared to the main Facebook app where it launches a rectangular carousel which allows you to choose the reaction emoji of choice.

Facebook Reactions has become a popular feature in the social network and apparently according to the company, it has been used over 300 billion times on posts to date.

Well, for those of you who use Facebook Lite religiously, you can rest assured that the company has not forgotten to make sure it keeps up with the main app.

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