Facebook Decided To Add Reactions To Comments Because Why Not

facebook reaction emojis carousel comment like

facebook reaction emojis carousel comment like

Facebook expanded how we could react to a post using the like button in 2015 by the launch of various reaction emojis which includes love, wow, sad, angry and haha. This was limited to the posts on your News Feed from your friends and favourite Pages and it has been great since you can express your actual reaction to a post.

However, we have had like buttons within comments for a while now and now Facebook is giving them the reaction emojis treatment.

facebook comment reaction emojis

All you have to do is head over to the comments in a post and long press the like button to activate the reaction emojis. On mobile, they are presented in a carousel, just like on posts, and you can go ahead and choose the reaction of choice. This is not available only to mobile, but also on desktop, so those of us who use desktop primarily to access Facebook need not to worry.

This update comes after Facebook updated Facebook Lite with reaction emojis which was updated in a slightly different way from the main app. The company also had updated Messenger with reaction emojis of their own, which strangely includes a reaction emoji that we would like to have, the dislike emoji.

Now reaction emojis have infiltrated comments and expect people to do that as soon as you drop your posts. Is this too much for you posts? Not entirely since we genuinely get interesting comments on posts and it gives people reading them to show their feelings towards it, or in Facebook’s case, more data for it to play with.

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