64 bit Google Chrome For Desktop Leaves Beta


Chrome is the most popular browser currently in the world and you can understand why since it is fast, has a ridiculously good sync feature and the extensions that extend its feature make it unmatched in the browser world.

It may be so but there has been an odd thing about Chrome. The 64bit version of the browser was not available for the masses. You could get it if you looked for the 64 bit Chrome beta version, and as the name suggests, it had the usual bugs that came with the beta moniker.

For Windows specifically, the 64bit version of Google Chrome was released in 2014 and it is no surprise Google takes its sweet time ironing out issues on their beta channels. Well, they have finally outed the 64 bit version of Chrome out of beta and onto the stable channel.

The new update (ver. 58.0.3029.96) has already been rolled out for Windows, Mac and Linux (I already have it as a former Chrome Beta user) and you may get it n the next few days or weeks. If you have a 64 bit computer with more than 4GB RAM, you will be automatically migrated to the 64 bit Chrome.

However, for those people who still have 32 bit machines, you can still get the 32bit Chrome on the Chrome download page.

It has taken close to 3 years for Google to migrate the 64 bit beta version to the stable channel and they say that it will improve stability, performance and security over the 32 bit version. So check out if you have the update on your Google Chrome and if you don’t have the specific update, you can go ahead and manually request for the update.

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