“Nuggs For Carter” Guy Has Dethroned Ellen To Have The Most Retweeted Tweet Of All Time

It only took him a month to do it

nuggs for carter most retweeted tweet
via Wendy's on Twitter

Early April, one Carter Wilkerson made a request to Wendy’s, an American fast food restaurant chain, where he asked how many retweets it would take for them to give him a year’s supply of chicken nuggets.

This was quite an ambitious request (very normal on Twitter) and Wendy’s decided to reply with an even more ridiculous answer.

18 million retweets! The restaurant chain decided to put out this ridiculous number so that it would be nearly impossible for him to reach the magical number.

This was early April and within a day, the tweet had already crossed the 1 million retweet mark, which was impressive and made Wendy’s worry.

However, as the weeks went by, the 18 million figure has seemed to be daunting to reach, but there was still a Twitter record that was within sight: TV show host, Ellen DeGeneres epic selfie with other Hollywood stars.

This tweet has set the record for the tweet with the highest amount of retweets at over 3.43 million, which seemed like it would be years til it would be broken. Well, it has and it is thanks to Carter and finally, his request to the Twitter world to Wendy’s has officially surpassed Ellen’s tweet as the most retweeted tweet of all time.

It has surpassed Ellen’s tweet by over 13,000 retweets and it seems like it won’t end there. However, it is yet to beat the record number of likes that Ellen’s tweet was able to garner in 2014.

Guinness World Records also confirmed the feat where they shared the record on Twitter.

That’s not all, Wendy’s has also confirmed on Twitter that thanks to him breaking the record, he will get the chicken nuggets, plus a donation to a foundation.