Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Features Will Get Your Attention

Fall Creators Update
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Fall Creators Update

Windows 10 has been around for some time, and Microsoft pushed its adoption by offering a free upgrade with the Get Windows 10 (GWX) app till the end of July, 2016. If the free upgrade window passed you, then you had, and still have to purchase it.

The Redmond-based tech giant has since released to major updates for Windows 10. The first one was the Anniversary Update that was richly feature-packed with support for extension for the Microsoft’s Edge browser, Edge enhancements including the ability to pin tables on browsers, drag and drop folders to cloud storage solutions, a paste and go feature for the address as well as swipe navigations. Moreover, the update introduced Windows Ink to annotate and draw stuff with a stylus, not to mention improvements on Windows Defender and a dark theme. There are more nifty features that were introduced with the update that cannot be summarized here.

The second major update dubbed the Creators Update started rolling out in April 11, 2017, and introduced features such as Game Mode that allocates GPU and CPU resources for games, in addition to reducing running apps and processes from taxing resources to boost such experiences. It also launched a picture-in-picture feature that legacy users of Samsung Galaxy mobile phones have played with since 2012. The feature works on the excellent stock Movies and TV, with the execution being a floating window of video while a user is on another application. There are many other features in the Creator updates such as a blue-light filter called Night Light, more Edge enhancements and improved policing of updates and privacy.

It should be noted that Microsoft has taken a new approach regarding Windows updates and that is quicker releases. Prior to Windows 10, updates were not frequent and could take up to 2 years to fruition. Imagine that.

To keep the hard work rolling, Windows 10 will see another major update in the last quarter of the  and here are some features that may be brought along.

Fluent Design System

Microsoft has been developing a new design language codenamed Project NEON for some time now. Think of it as an iterative improvement from Metro design language during the Windows 8 days that got a bump to Microsoft Design Language 2 in Windows 10. Its approach will have simpler and neat interfaces, but with character and flair that might be missing in the current Windows 10. In essence, the Fall Creators Update will introduce Fluent Design with smoother animations and transitions to make the system more fluid. If you want to have a peek at it, you can always check apps such as Groove Music and Maps.

Groove Music

Windows 10 ARM

This one will be interesting. Remember how badly Windows RT flopped because it could not run Win32 programs? Well, the Fall Creators Update wants to resurrect it, and it is believed that Microsoft will finally make Windows 10 ready for ARM-based tablets and computers. Of course, this will work with full Win32 emulation support. Unlike Windows 10S that locks users to the Store (RT did the same thing), Windows 10 on ARM will just work, supposedly.

We cannot not avoid to ask ourselves if Microsoft will push it to phones because that will be interesting.

My People

The My People feature was to be incorporated in the Creators update. In principle, the feature will pin favourite contacts by the task bar (well, isn’t the bar too crowded already?) for quick access to emails, conversations and so forth. What’s more, users will have the ability to share files with pinned contacts with a few clicks.

My People

OneDrive Files On-Demand

This feature will target users who want to save disk space. Access will be possible with OneDrive Files On-Demand where files will be seen in File Explorers and access on-demand when needed. It should be remembered that this will be a cloud-based file syncing system where users will use filed without necessarily downloading them.

Stories Remix

I can see people rolling their eyes now. The Stories feature, popularized by Snapchat has inspired a lot of Internet companies because it is the future. The future is video with looped images. Apparently, it is probable that the feature will sneak into the Fall Creators update and it works just as you have guessed. Soundtracks? Sure. Transitions? Check. Splashing of 3-dimensional objects? Check.

The launch date is still unknown but rumours point to a September release. It is noteworthy that some of these features may be cancelled or modified. Stay alert.

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