Google Launches Hire To Help Businesses Recruit

Only available in the US

google hire

Google today has announced a new tool for helping businesses hire people, and they have decided to give it the rather generic name Hire.

Hire will make it easy for small and medium sized businesses to identify candidates and manage the interview process more efficiently. It integrates with G suite apps like Google Calendar and Gmail in the quest to recruit suitable candidates for a job.

With Hire, businesses will be able to communicate with candidates on Gmail and the emails will be synced automatically. Interviews can be scheduled in Hire which will be visible on Google Calendar, which includes important details like contact information, schedule and questions interviewer will focus on.

Businesses will also be able to track the candidates in Hire and analyze and visualize the data in Google Sheets, which is pretty handy.

Hiring is one intensive undertaking by businesses since it usually takes quite long to fill certain positions and costs money to fund these activities (interview, schedule and assessment of candidates.) Google now pegs Hire as a solution to help businesses to undertake in the inevitable recruitment process better and more effectively.

Hire comes after Google unveiled Google Jobs in the US, which was focused on helping job seekers find jobs that was powered by A.I.

Sadly, Hire is also only available in the US to small and medium sized businesses that have less than a 1000 employees that use GSuite. Google now joins Facebook in the quest to be the preferred place for people to find jobs and for businesses to look for suitable candidates for available jobs. Check out more information about the new service by Google here at