A Look at the Most Iconic Smartphones: iPhone 3G


Remember this one? Did you actually own one? If so, then you either bought it yourself, years later after its release, or it was a hand-me-down from a relative who was from the US.

This was the phone all wanna-be iPhone owners had. Up until 2015, people would still brag that they had an iPhone, and yes, it was the 3G. I remember a friend trying to argue that the iPhone 3G was better than my Xperia SP because, well, it was an iPhone. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I think this is the point I started hating iPhones

The iPhone 3G was released on June 9, 2008 as a sequel to the original iPhone. The biggest highlight of the phone was its 3G connectivity support. Most of its internals were similar to the original iphone, such as the 3.5″ display at a resolution of 320*480 pixels covered with Gorilla Glass, the same 2.0MP fixed focus camera, the Samsung 1176JZ(F)-S processor, PowerVR MBX Lite 3D graphics chip and 128MB of RAM. Storage options were either 8 gigz or 16 gigz with either white or black color options, with the battery size getting lowered to 1150mAh.

The design was made of plastic polycarbonate, with metallic buttons. The device introduced the proximity sensor, ambient light sensor and a 3-axis accelerometer to the iPhone range.

To say the least, at its time, the iPhone 3G was a phone to desire, having sold 20 million units in one year, but Kenyans took it too far with the “iPhone” line. But they are not to blame, entirely, even apple had this to say about the iPhone 3G:

  • “The iPhone you have been waiting for”
  • “The first phone to beat the iPhone”
  • “Twice as fast, for half the price” – I had to comment on this, the iPhone 3G was going for $300!
  • “The most advanced mobile OS. Now even more advanced”
  • “New features, new price”

Yeah, Apple has been using the same lines since the beginning of time, aside from the “…half the price” line.

Anyway, I would not be surprised to see someone bragging that their iPhone 3G is better than a certain 2016/2017 Tecno device. iSheep.

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