Android Devices to Receive Google Play Protect for Better Security


google-play-protectFinally, Google Play Protect is rolling out to Android devices. Specifically, lucky users started receiving the security system on 19th July, which in turn scans a device for malware without sleeping, ever.

Essentially, Google Play Protect is supposed to be a tuned attempt by the software giant to boost the security of Android apps. It is an open secret that Android has higher security problems than its bitter rival, iOS, although both platforms are equally targeted by malicious intruders. In fact, it has been discovered that up to 99 per cent of all malware that target mobile handhelds is designed to harm Android phones. Why? – you ask. Well, how many people have Android phones out there? Billions, probably. In other words, Android makes hackers jump thrilled because of numbers thanks to the fact that it holds the largest market share than iOS. Apple’s mobile operating system has proved challenging to compromise than Android, which is open source by nature.

What’s more, iOS discourages users from side-loading apps outside the app store, which is why the system is often free from malware. On the other hand, Android users can pull an application package from anywhere on the internet or even Google’s Play Store. Wait, Play Store? Right… because multiple malicious apps have found their way into a place where users have been assured of safety. For example, Google had to remove a battery-enhancing app (who uses these apps, anyway?) dubbed EnergyRescue (fancy name) that stole info from a compromised device, and even asked for admin permissions, which if granted locked a user out of their phone with a note demanding for payment. Nasty, nasty stuff.

That’s not all. Another trojan app sneaked into the Play Store (and where are Google’s security measures in the first place?) that forced users to head over to the ratings section of the Play Store and give five-star reviews.

Anyway, Google Play Protect is built around features that will supposedly end this madness. Android users will have improved visibility into their devices’ security features. It uses machine learning that has abilities to pinpoint harmful apps based on verification done on more than 50 billion apps per day. Applications will be studied before appearing on the Store, after which Play Protect swings in to detect rogue behaviours upon installation.

Users who have Google Play Services 11 or above should be receiving an update. Wider roll-out will take place in the coming days.


  1. Does it means android marshmallow and above doesn’t require this battery enhancing apps? I use All in One toolbox for cleaning purpose

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