Facebook Wants People To Associate News Articles With Publishers


Facebook is a huge news source for its 2 billion users and there are avenues of consuming news on the platform: News Feed, Instant Articles and Search. The company has been trying to revamp their Search so that it can be more beneficial to its users. Search is an important source of information to a great deal of people out there, especially when it comes to trending news.

Within Facebook search, you tend to see links to articles that relate to the topic that you searched for, but you don’t see the publisher’s logo. Well, now Facebook wants to change that where they will start showing Publisher logos in Trending and Search.

Publishers will be able to upload multiple versions of their logos which will appear next to their content on Facebook. They will be able to do that by uploading these logos through a Brand Asset Library, which is under publishing tools on your Page.

“By surfacing publisher logos next to article links, we want to make it easier for publishers to extend their brand identity on Facebook – to enhance people’s awareness of the source of content they see on Facebook, so they better decide what to read and share,” Andrew Anker, Facebook’s Product Manager was quoted as saying.

Publishers who upload their logos through the Brand Asset Library will see their logos on the trending surfaces on mobile and desktop and in news links when a person searches for something.

Facebook’s move is justified since a recent study by Pew Research Centre found that only 56% of respondents could recall the source of a new link viewed on social sites and this move will remedy that. It has the potential to eliminate a situation where you say “I saw that on Facebook” rather than quoting the publisher itself.


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