Sandisk’s New 400GB MicroSD card Costs as Much as a Phone

My 64GB card now seems miniscule compared to this

sandisk 400GB microSD card

MicroSD cards have become part and parcel of the smartphone industry since they are relatively cheap way to expand the storage of your phone. Most smartphones and feature phones feature a microSD card slot where depending on the phone, you can either add a maximum of 32GB (low end phones), 256 GB or even 2TB (2000GB) in some phones.

Although microSDs can be relatively cheap compared to internal storage, they can quickly become expensive when they fit an increasing amount of storage in the same size.

Well today, Sandisk, the company that is well known for its wide range of storage devices has announced its biggest microSD card yet. The new card has a capacity of 400GB, which is double the 200GB card they announced on MWC in 2015 and 144GB higher than the 256GB model they announced later on.

Sandisk says that the 400GB card will be able to store hours of 1080p video and can transfer upto 1200 photos per minute (based on an average file size of 3.5MB). The transfer speed is also on the high end where it can reach read speeds of upto 100MB/s as compared to the regular cards which hover around 80MB/s max. The card also has an “A1” rating which means that it can load apps faster too, which is great for those people who use Android’s adoptable storage or store apps on their MicroSD cards.

The price for this awesome piece of tech will be $250, which is as much as some phones we see being sold in the market today. As an early adopter, you will have to bear the current price, but you bet it will become cheaper once they decide to announce another card with an even bigger capacity.

This card is perfect for people who use storage a lot like drone videographers, smartphone users who shoot videos in 4K.