4 Most Amazing PDF Readers

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PDF readers are gaining more and more popularity as they have been proven to be convenient, secure and compatible in all situations. PDF files are now being used more than ever as they are easy to handle, edit and transfer.

Keeping the wide use of PDF files in mind, companies are creating more and more PDF readers for the users to use. Adobe Reader is no doubt one of the best PDF readers but it is costly and is far from being a lightweight software, which is why you should consider other options.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at 4 of the most amazing PDF readers:

  1. Soda PDF

This one is our #1 pick for a lot of reasons. soda PDF is not a new software, it has been out there for a while now, but it is only recently that it has become so popular. This one does not only let you read PDF files, but you can also convert other file types into PDF, making life much easier.

This one is cloud-compatible, which means you can access your files on the go. This free to use tool has business solutions as well, and can be tried on the web. We’re sure you will fall in love with Soda PDF has to offer.

  1. Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit is a lightweight reader and only takes about 4MB of space. It launches quickly and you don’t have to deal with waiting on splash screens and logos on the startup unlike other PDF readers.

It’s not only restricted to reading, Foxit allows you to create blank PDF files and write or draw anything that you desire. You can format the created document according to your desires including: changing fonts and color too.

  1. Nitro Reader

This free of charge PDF reader lets you open as many PDF files as you want to with its multi-tabs feature. The software is lightweight and doesn’t hang up if you keeps many tabs on,but this largely depends on your device as well.

It lets you bookmark your favorite pages and offers many view modes. Also, you can zoom into text which is smaller and hard to comprehend. Nitro Reader has a quick sign feature by which you can digitally sign on documents without having to print them first and sign manually. This reader is capable of turning more than 300 file types into PDF’s by a simple converting method.

  1. Expert PDF Reader

Expert PDF reader works for both viewing the PDF as well as editing them. With Expert PDF reader you can modify PDF files or create new ones from scratch. The reading options are worth praising as it provides many viewing options such as full screen, full width, full height etc. It also comes with a multi-tabs option which makes it easier to read several files.

While our personal pick is the software from Soda PDF, you may also give other software a try.