Telkom’s most interesting product is their 4G Mi-Fi router and it’s not because it comes with 10GB free data, ok, part is, but it’s because it changes the way you experience the internet and takes away the worry of mobile data and “disappearing” bundles.

I have been using the 4G Mi-Fi router for a month, if not more and there’s no single day that I have not enjoyed my experience. Without beating around the bush, here’s my review of the Telkom 4G Mi-Fi router.

Design and Usability

One could describe the design of the Mi-Fi router as boring, but I think that is what you aim to achieve when you are targeting the mass market. There are no screens on this gadget, no fancy features, just a simple slab, with two indicators, one for battery and the other for the network, flanking the only button you will find on the Mi-Fi router. With this button, you will switch the router either on or off.

The simplicity, or boredom, in the design make the usability of the router to be excellent. There is nothing to confuse you about the Mi-Fi router, battery light goes red, charge it. Network light goes red, restart the device to get better reception.

The router can connect up to 15 devices simultaneously, that means that your family and friends should be well covered. You can also use the Mi-Fi router as a Wi-Fi extender, which makes the device much more worth it.

Battery Life and Portability

If for nothing else, buy the Telkom 4G Mi-Fi router just because you can move with it. The small size of the device makes it easy to fit in the pocket and it literally has no significant weight. Speaking of portability, the battery life of the Mi-Fi router is great.

The device lasts well over 5 hours, actually, it is closer to 6 hours depending on the number of users connected to it. The 1500mAh battery is sufficient, especially if you are using it alone, it can last you from morning to around mid-day the next day. Charging up the battery is simple, with the included USB cable. The battery charges from zero to a hundred in like two hours, if you’re using it and a little over one hour if it is switched off.

Speeds and Data Prices

I feel like this should have been the first point, but oh well. The Telkom 4G Mi-Fi router has a maximum data speeds rating of 150Mbps. In the period that I have used the router, I have hit speeds of up to 22Mbps for both download and upload speeds in most of the 4G zones and sometimes it goes down to around 17Mbps.

The speeds are highly dependent on your location, if you’re in a 4G zone, then you will experience some decent speeds, as you can see below (thanks to Teri Wanderi);

As for data prices, Telkom offers mobile bundles that range from Ksh.990 for a weekly bundle of 12GB to Ksh.2,999 for a 30-day bundle of 30GBs. With my usage, I found the comfort zone to be the Ksh.1999 monthly bundle that comes with 20GBs, which is sufficient for streaming movies, watching YouTube and a lot of social media.

The App

I highly recommend that when you buy the Mi-Fi router, you should also install the HiLink app from Huawei. The app makes it easy for you to manage your data, get notifications and set up your router. Through the app, you can get notified when the device is low on battery, how much data you have used and even get to block anyone you don’t want accessing your internet anymore.

The app is not without its shortcomings, such as the battery percentages are only shown in intervals of 25%, there’s only one battery low notification and that’s when it hits zero and the app does not show you how much you have charged the device, until you unplug it, but all that is on Huawei’s part and not Telkom, however, there’s really nothing to hinder you from having a good experience.

There’s a lot to love about this little gadget, from its design to its usability, from its battery life to its portability, everything works together to keep you moving, too much? just take it.

The Telkom 4G MiFi retails at Ksh.5,999 at Telkom shops.


  1. I would have gone for it, but their 4G coverage is so poor. Where I live, I can’t even get a single network bar when I’ve set 4G.

    • don’t trust faiba i had tried switching to their home bundles right before the time you posted this comment, the sales person said home version was available in my area they required 25k total with installation it turned out there was no home bundles available only business and upto date i have not recieved my refund. and was considering suing them but that will just add up to the cost.

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