Understanding Casino Software and Mobile Casino Gaming


Have you ever wondered how online casinos consistently manage to produce highly impressive virtual gaming platforms, with everything from animated 3D video slots to ultra-realistic virtual casinos? The online gaming industry uses cutting-edge technology to power their websites and games.

Often an online casino will outsource the software side of things to a third-party software provider which will remotely operate the website and ensure everything runs smoothly, without any technical difficulties or malfunctions. This all goes towards improving the experience of the players and changing how people play slots today.

The games are produced by independent companies who develop video slots, classic slots, progressives etc, and license their products to online casinos.

Casino Games Software

The software used to produce online casino games is complex and involves the use of advanced programming techniques. The infrastructure which is used when creating online games requires expert engineers and designers. Most of the coding for an online game is done with C++, top software providers hire their own software engineers, although programs like Unity and Construct can also be used.

An essential component of game development is Random Number Generators (RNGs). Online games must be fair and offer all players an equal chance of winning while ensuring total randominity. RNGs work by creating a random number sequence with no set pattern which determines the outcome of a game. For example, when you press the spin button on an online roulette wheel, the RNG sequence will determine where the ball lands. This guarantees that the results cannot be predicted and the game is 100% fair.

Mobile Casino Software

Mobile gaming is one of the fastest growing areas of the online gaming industry. Recent technological developments have enabled software developers to optimise their games to work correctly on any mobile platform.

One of the most significant technological advances regarding mobile gaming was the development of HTML5, a markup language which is used to stream games and video within a web browser. The software is compatible with browsers used smartphones, such as Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. This enabled software developers to easily customise their games to work on mobile by making small modifications, such as configuring the graphics to fit on smaller screens.

Casino Software Providers

The casino software industry is a highly skilled, specialised, and fiercely competitive business. In the Canadian market, multiple casino software providers compete to provide platforms which provide a smooth, dynamic, and virus free gaming experience. Online gamers expect the very best from their casino in terms of software and it’s essential for an online casino to use the very latest and up-to-date technology.

The cutting-edge technology used by software providers is ever evolving and companies are constantly working on creating new and better solutions for online casinos. There are dozens of software providers; the major ones include Microgaming, Playtech, and Net Entertainment. These companies are responsible for thousands of video slots and all the top online casinos host their games.


As technology evolves, so does the gaming experience offered by online casinos. New developments are constantly being released which enables software providers to create even better games with incredible visuals and flawless gameplay. Virtual reality and 3D gaming is being touted as the next big thing in online gaming and we’re excited to see which new innovations are introduced in the near future.