Opera’s OPay, a Web Payment Solution is Live in Kenya with Extra Credits and Cashbacks


OPayA few months ago, we found out that Opera, the Norwegian developer of Opera Mini, was testing a web payment in the app.

Now, the product dubbed OPay has exited beta tests as it sees official integration in the popular web browser. It is said that the service will bring a new level of convenience in a nation that has become a world leader in leapfrogging IT systems with innovative, web-based solutions. Also, note that this development is part of Opera’s $100 million investment initiative that purposes to bolster Africa’s digital economy that was announced earlier this year.

Airtime top-ups and pay utility bills with a few clicks

The solution promises that loading airtime on your device will be done with a few clicks as possible. Initially, I was not impressed with some hurdles I had to jump to accomplish this task.

OPay AirtimeAccording to OPay, the system has been designed to ensure fast and secure payment options. One key addition is that it will not be limited to Opera Mini as other mobile browsers can leverage this service for airtime top-ups. Airtel and Telkom Kenya mobile phone accounts have also been added (the test phase was limited to Safaricom), as well as the inclusion of utility bills such as electricity, cable TV, to mention a few.

Multiple payment methods are in tow, including major credit card, M-PESA and Airtel Money.

Get extra credits ad cashbacks

For a limited time, OPay users will benefit from a few extras. For instance, thos who will make their first deposit to their Wallet will earn a 100 percent bonus of u to KES 200, which can be used to pay for services or airtime. In addition, every airtime bought, a user will receive 20 percent cashback in credits in their Wallet. Notably, these credits are the same as those earned when depositing money in Wallets, which can be redeemed for airtime or to pay for services.

“This mobile payment technology integrated into the Opera Mini browser will help Kenya continue the highest rate of mobile payment technology adoption in the world. More than 80 percent of the country’s population with access to a cell phone use it to pay for goods and services,” says Nuno Sitima, Executive Vice President of Payments and Fintech, Opera Software AS. “However, the challenges of long distances, difficult terrain and large rural populations who often lack access to formal banking systems are all addressed with OPay and the reach of the Opera Mini browser. Our ultimate goal is to fuel the growth of African businesses through a simple, affordable solution that can encompass many payment methods in one easy-to-use app.”

OPay Kenya Limited, which is a privately held company with affiliations with Opera Software Group, intends to take advantage of high penetration of mobile phones and Opera Mini’s market share to drive digital innovation.


  1. I have tried Opay and :

    1. The wallet is quite a good thing, could be better if it can be loaded by card.
    2. Other than the cashback i don’t see why somebody should use this to buy airtime. Without the cashback there will be no incentive to use it for airtime purchases.
    3. Opay seems to suffer from the old mentality that anybody in Africa using a card is a scam artist or attempting a fraudulent transaction. My first card (MasterCard) transaction went through but the others were rejected.
    4. Seems more of an alpha phase service, not ready for prime time.

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