TrueCaller to Replicate Native Android Feature on its Imminent Update


TrueCallerThe development of Android over the last couple of years has seen admirable strides in terms of features, which, fortunately or unfortunately (not everyone gets updates because of the fragmentation menace) have steered the ecosystem to be one of the world’s popular mobile operating system. This growth is accompanied by matching updates among the most popular Android apps, including TrueCaller that is the star in this post.

The app, which is wildly popular based on Google Play rankings, is set to roll out an update that, quite frankly, replicates what Android has been doing for centuries. The update is in the pipeline, and looks forward to allow users to backup their contacts, call logs and history, block lists and setting preferences on a single file.

Before we look at the purported benefits of this update, it has been mentioned that Android keeps a copy of a user’s contacts using a Google account. The same account is used during set processes that include restoration of content and downloading apps such as TrueCaller. The same process includes restoration of saved contacts that TrueCaller wants you to save- again.

Natively, Android does more, including backing up more data such as the aforementioned call logs, Wi-Fi passwords, among other credentials. It may take a little time figuring this out, but it works, and while restoration processes take longer, it functionally can be done.

TrueCaller has a dialer app that was,quite frankly, shoved down our throats, which is why it deems it necessary to offer a channel for users to have a copy of their logs on the Google Drive accounts should they switch phones.

Part of my scepticism regarding this update is what it aims to accomplish that hasn’t been done before because tens of solutions already exist. Secondly, there is a risk of contact duplication should users restore addresses from two services (Google account and TrueCaller), an exercise that needs additional work to clean up.

Fans will, however, love TrueCaller Contacts that will accompany the update. This feature will help users view all contacts they have reached via text, transaction or SMS. This means that failure to save that address does not mean it is deleted should a user switch to another phone. Now, this is a better tool.

The update is only available for Android users, for the moment.