LG Concludes Annual InnoFest Expo in South Africa, Promises to Bring Premium Products to East Africa

LG InnoFest

LG InnoFestIt is no secret that LG’s mobile division has, and continues to face rough patches thanks to stiff competition from rivals in the market, including Samsung at its home ground in South Korea, and other Chinese OEMs that have mastered the idea of pushing quality and dirty cheap devices for the masses. It is a fight that LG has lost time to time, but that has not stopped its zeal to churn out excellent devices such as the locally unavailable V30 and the G6 from 2017.

The electronics corporation announced its financials a couple of days ago, with notable profits in the sale of home appliances and entertainment products. It appears that the company has made up its mind in what actually works for them, which is why it is intensifying the distribution of these products across global markets.

In particular, LG has launched a new line-up of products that are curated for the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region in the organization’s yearly two-day innovation event called InnoFest, 2018.

The program, which was held in Cape Town. Africa, attracted a substantial number of retailers in the named regions. It also served as a platform to display newer technologies and products to keep the company relevant and accelerate revenue generation for the year.

“Today businesses are evolving at a rapid pace than ever before and it is during these testing times, that we adapt and keep up to the changes to be able to prosper and achieve sustainability. Building on our premium products strategy for the region, we remain committed to working and engaging with our various channel partners to ensure LG innovation and technology remains at the forefront of our business strategy to increase profitability and growth in the MEA,” said Kevin Cha, President, LG Electronics Middle East and Africa.

Among the top products that will hit stores later during the year include an OLED, 65-inch LG TV that takes on modern trends such as AI with its A9 processor. The television was first unveiled at CES, 2018. The second product is a TWINWash washing machine that, as its names suggests, is capable of washing two loads of laundry simultaneously. The last product is a cold cupboard aka the InstaView Refrigerator that focuses on looks, and extras in functionality.

The experience also showcased a number of intelligent robots, products that leverage the offerings of artificial intelligence as well as gains seen in IoT.

“LG is a world leader in electronics and appliances and is now proud to usher in technological change that has gone beyond improving lives to offering seamless everyday experiences for consumers. We are driven and motivated by a philosophy that is innovation-led, sustainable and ultimately creates premium products,” added Mr Derek Sim, Marketing Director, LG Electronics Middle East & Africa.