ESET Releases a Smart TV Security Product to Thwart Attacks on Android TV

ESET Smart TV Security

ESET Smart TV SecurityMillions of people across the globe are buying smart TVs because they are better products than their dumb counterparts that have graced the globe for decades. However, this development comes with security concerns. Similar to privacy issues displayed by IoT devices (in fact, it is believed that future attacks will leverage the popularity of IoT to cause harm), a handful of smart TVs have bene involved in suspect behaviours such as transmitting user data unencrypted over the internet. In some cases, we have been warned of ever-listening televisions that purposely collect conversations for curated ads and other monetization uses. Hackers are also targeting these devices with malware.

ESET, which develops IT security solutions for businesses and consumers across the globe has launched ESET Smart TV Security to address some of the mentioned issues. The product is said to protect users against malware attacks on TV sets that are hooked to the internet, as well as other devices that run Android TV operating system.

It is postulated that more than 30 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2020. Admittedly, these gadgets continue to showcase their benefits in everyday life. However, the internet is not some rosy place as cyber criminals use it to infiltrate consumer gadgets such as the aforementioned smart television for ill intent.

“Given the risks to security and privacy, consumers need to think about protecting smart home devices in the same way they would protect their laptops, tablets or mobiles – they cannot treat them like an average TV, kettle, or watch,” said Branislav Orlik, Mobile Security Product Manager at ESET.

As mentioned, the product is built to mitigate attacks on devices running Android TV OS, which include televisions and separate STBs. ESET says this decision was arrived at based on the fact that most attacks target Android-powered devices.

ESET Smart TV Security is packed with antivirus protection, anti-ransomware, anti-phishing and multi-device scanning features.

The tool is available for download from Google Play. However, it can only run on TV (which is why it is not visible on mobile).

“Users need to feel safe in the knowledge that they can watch their favorite shows and browse the internet on their smartphones without fear of being watched or having their personal data compromised,” explains Orlik. “ESET is the top rated provider of security solutions for Android OS devices, so we are the smart choice for consumers to ensure all the devices in their homes, and the data they collect, are kept secure.”


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