Safaricom Flex

Safaricom FlexThe 21st century has brought with it problems that our forefathers did not anticipate. In this age of the internet, we have seen wifi and data bundles being a priority amongst our peers. We no longer call or text, we WhatsApp and slide into DMs. However, things happen and we have all been in a situation where you want to call someone, so you pick up your phone and dial their number only to be greeted by the operator’s “you have insufficient balance to make this call” message.

At this very moment, you wish you could transfer your mobile data bundles into airtime but all this is wishful thinking – horses that wishes aren’t. Something else that this century has brought with it is the concept of side hustles and online shopping. A good number of Millenials run a personal business in one way or the other, whether it’s selling clothes or strawberries over Valentine’s season and if you aren’t the one doing the selling, you’re the one scrolling through Instagram or Facebook checking out products that you want to buy and this process involves pictures, calls, texts and payments.

Call. Text. Browse

How often do you have airtime on your phone? Most people I know have data bundles but not disposable airtime. There are three ways that we communicate with each other, through calls, social media or through the smoke-signal method of sending texts. As much as we may prioritize using social media as our main means of communication, making a call or responding to texts once in a while is inevitable.

For a long time, telcos have always made us choose between having data, SMS or minutes to call as bundles. If you don’t like being made to choose, you’re left to just use your airtime directly and we all know that is not pocket-friendly.

Well, one hero in a green suit came to our rescue in the form of a flexible bundle that can be used across data, SMS and voice. Dubbed Flex, Safaricom’s three-in-one bundle does not lock you into a particular use but rather gives you the freedom to use the bundle for whatever use may arise.

Safaricom Flex

Flex bundles were meant to serve those of us who live in the digital era but find ourselves having to revert back to traditional methods of communications once in a while. The Flex bundle offers flexibility not only in usage but also in the pricing.

The prices range from daily renewable bundles for as low as Kes.50 or weekly renewable bundles and even monthly renewable bundles. Flex bundles are purchased using airtime and once you purchase your preferred bundle, you get a corresponding number of flex units that you can use for calling, SMS or as data. 1 flex unit, gets you 20 seconds of talk time, or you can use that flex unit as data and it amounts to 3MBs and if you choose to send texts, the same flex unit can get you 3 texts.

Prices for Flex Bundles are as follows:

  • Kes.50 valid for 24 hours gets you 50 flex units
  • Kes.99 valid for 24 hours gets you 115 flex units
  • Kes.599 valid for 7 days gets you 700 flex units
  • Kes.999 valid for 30 days gets you 1100 flex units
  • Kes.1,499 valid for 30 days gets you 1700 flex units
  • Kes.1,999 valid for 30 days gets you 2700 flex units
  • Kes.2,499 valid for 30 days gets you 3500 flex units
  • Kes.4,999 valid for 30 days gets you 7500 flex units

Flex is available to all Safaricom prepay, hybrid and individual postpay customers. Prepay customers can access the bundle by dialling *100# and selecting the first option, postpay customers, on the other hand, can access Flex by dialling *200#.


  1. to be successful, Safaricom needs to make flex bundles to not expire. I don’t know why they see this as an incentive for people to keep on buying but it is actually a deal breaker and it makes us consider other options.

  2. So basically for Kes 1,000
    I get 3.3GB of data only, no calls or text
    or I get 366 minutes talktime only, no data or text
    or 3,300 SMS no calls no data.

    With some deft balancing 500 units data +500 units calls + 100 units sms you can get:
    1.5GB data + 166Mins + 300SMS

    While with Airtel you get 6GB of data + 400 Mins (to any network) + 2,000SMS

    Airtel Unliminet is the Triple Treat You Need to Stay Connected.

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