Best Tech Companies to Work For in Kenya are Mainly Multinationals


Companies usually exhibit different workplace cultures and norms and employees find some cultures that are good for them and others are not conducive for them. This is why you usually see reports made by third parties of how former and current employees would rank how good it is to work for a current or former workplace.

Today, Brighter Monday released 2018’s list of the best 100 companies to work for in Kenya. The list of most sought after employers was brought about by compiling votes from current and former employees.

This list includes companies from different industries: Manufacturing, ICT, Finance and Fast Moving Consumer Goods. Brighter Monday considered several aspects to determine the best 100 companies to work for in Kenya which includes such things like their culture, diversity and inclusion, pay package and the employees pride.

The ICT industry in Kenya consists of multinationals and local companies alike and according to Brighter Monday, here is a list of the best tech companies to work for in the country.


Safaricom is top of this list and is actually the top of the general 100 best companies to work for in Kenya in 2018.


The tech giant synonymous with its search engine has offices here in Nairobi and it is second on this list and 4th on the overall list.


Microsoft is a multifaced company with its roots embedded on operating systems, productivity apps and the cloud. It is third on the ICT industry list and 18th overall.


Oracle is another American company on this list which is known for its investments in the cloud arena and enterprise software products. They are 4th on this list and 23rd overall.


If you don’t know about Andela, it is an American company that was founded rather recently and they specialize in training software developers. In 2016, they secured a Series C funding from Chan Zuckerberg initiative for their efforts. They are fifth on this list and are 28th overall countrywide.


IBM is one of those tech giants that people have seemingly forgotten and have the most patents given by any company (over 9000) and are credited for various technologies like the ATM, hard drive, DRAM and more. It is last on this list but they are 36 overall.


  1. Amazon Web Services will soon come to Kenya. Good news is, Digital Divide Data(DDD) Kenya already partnered with Amazon.

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