WhatsApp Images and Videos Will No Longer Appear in Your Gallery

Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge Display

Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge DisplayThe biggest downside about using WhatsApp is that your gallery will have an Everest of terrible memes, images and videos you never watched from different groups and individuals that you chat with. The platform’s remedy to this menace has always been disabling automatic download of media but this leaves you, the user, with the task of having to download every meme individually just to gauge its worthiness.

The problem is so bad, we wrote an article highlighting a simple hack to hide all the unwanted WhatsApp media from your gallery. However, with an upcoming update, the Facebook-owned messaging platform has just rendered our article “stone-age”.

As per the latest WhatsApp Beta, users will now have an option to select whether they want their WhatsApp media to appear in their gallery or not. This is a big deal and will most certainly serve a lot of people well. The option can be found under Data and Storage Usage under the submenu, Media Visibility.

WhatsApp Media Visibility

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Group Calls

Alongside the media visibility feature, WhatsApp is also working on a group calls feature for both video calls and audio calls. The feature was first spotted on May 18 and it is believed that once it leaves Beta, it will be rolling out to all users.

The group calls will work similarly to how conference calls work. Where you initiate a call with one person and then you can invite others to the call. This applies both to the voice calls and video calls.

WhatsApp for iPad

For those among you who still use an iPad, and not just for playing games like me, WhatsApp will also be rolling a standalone app for iPad. According to WhatsApp Beta Info, WhatsApp for iPad is simply WhatsApp Web-based, thus you will not require a SIM card on your iPad for it to work.


  1. Not many people know about the .nomedia file. Been using it for ages everytime I want to hide anything from those who like swiping your phone when you show them a single imahe. The major downside… even if you are in the folder location with many pics/other media files you have to open each file one by one

  2. My problem would then be when I need to mass delete the videos and images, leaving only a select few. I’d have to keep on toggling the setting off and on.
    At times it’s through the gallery I realize that WhatsApp media is eating up a lot of space.

  3. Typical corporate nonsense they didn’t use .nomedia and have opted to change the directory to inside android

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