Premier League Will Block Illegal Streams Next Season

They've also removed a ton of illegal clips on social media too

premier league will block illegal streams

The English Premier League is one of the most watched spectacles in the world. Thanks to its popularity, media houses pay a huge sum of money to stream the matches live. In Africa for example, we have Multichoice who through their DStv and GoTV brands have enabled us to watch these matches for a subscription fee paid monthly.

However, the Internet is a wild place. There are a ton of illegal streams of the Premier League matches, which is bad for the Premier League since that is a direct loss in revenue. That is why they have been on a crackdown to shut illegal streaming sites and now they have been given a boost.

“The Premier League has been granted a significant High Court Order that will enable it to disrupt and block illegal streams of its content across the whole of the next football season,” they said. Apparently this new order is enhanced and will allow them to block more servers in an effective marner.

This new order will require the UK ISPs to block and disrupt illegal streams of the Premier League matches.

In the 2017/18 season, the Premier League said they were able to disrupt or block nearly 200,000 illegal streams. Also, 450,0000 illegal clips of the Premier League content were removed from social and digital media outlets, and this might be the reason sometimes you see error messages when you watch replays of Premier League matches on Twitter.

Well, next season will be a tough one for illegal streamers thanks to the new crackdown. We’ve seen reports of the likes of Facebook and Amazon being interested in bidding for Premier League streaming rights and maybe this could be the answer to this problem.