OPPO Find X Camera (4)A few months ago, the idea of OPPO launching their futuristic smartphone, the Find X, in Kenya seemed far-fetched, unthinkable and down-right crazy. But they did it. OPPO actually launched their a thousand dollar smartphone in Kenya.

In all honesty, those surprised by the price tag have a reason to be, and no, skinny wallets aren’t it but brand perception is. Samsung and Apple both sell $1000 smartphones locally and people still buy but those are premium brands, a league that OPPO is now sneaking into.

The OPPO Find X is not a smartphone for the rich in kindness but actual money in the bank matters. The phone is a limited edition locally, meaning only a finite number of devices will be available. So, if you have a herd of elephants grazing in some bank account and you’re looking to expand your luxury collection with a rare OPPO smartphone, this is what you should expect with the Find X:

Beautiful Design

OPPO Find X Back

The OPPO Find X is a beautiful phone with it’s all-glass and aluminium design and dual-tone colours on the back that reflect light it ways your mirror wishes it could. Despite having a seemingly large 6.42-inch display, the Find X is easy to handle thanks to its almost-zero bezels.

The device is a little bit on the heavier side but this is not a complaint, it gives a sense of security and any form of confidence is needed while handling this device. The hidden cameras add to the aesthetic and a motor moves up the upper part of the device to reveal the cameras when needed.

OPPO Find X Display

The front is basically all display, nothing like you have experienced before. The anti-notch crew will enjoy this design and anyone with the slightest taste will appreciate what OPPO has achieved. But all this beauty comes at a cost.


You know that meme that goes like, “smartphones have become so expensive that when you fall and hear a crack you pray that it’s your leg and not the phone”? Well, this phone falls into that category. The Find X is already fragile enough thanks to its all-glass design but add motorized moving parts and you have a recipe for mashakura in the form of a broken phone.

OPPO Find X Curved Display

Additionally, we don’t get water resistance or any form of ingress protection and you have that moving camera to thank for this. To bumper your worries, OPPO have included a silicon case in the box to be used with the phone for those that feel like they need it.


OPPO Find X Camera (3)

The Find X is an OPPO phone and despite having the killer design, literally, the cameras are amazing as well. Within those moving parts, OPPO has included dual cameras on the back, a 16MP lens and a 20MP lens that work together to produce images that cushion the blow of a hefty price tag.

The back camera pulls all its magic to do a good job with photography. I didn’t have much time with the OPPO Find X, but the one photo I took was better than good and it was a simple point and shoot. The camera app has AI built into it for scene detection and it seems like it knows its stuff (it could tell I was taking a sunset photo), it’s AI, it should!

OPPO Find X image sample

Moving to the front, still within the moving parts, is a 25MP lens. Similar to the one that we got on the F7 and as expected it does not disappoint. If you are not careful, the extremely aggressive beauty mode will leave you looking like a mannequin but some of you already walk around CBD like that anyway.

OPPO Find X selfie sample

The elephant in the room

The biggest thing about the OPPO Find X is not it’s beautifully curved AMOLED display but the price tag that comes with it. However, if you hide the brand name of the phone and look at it keenly, the Kes.100,000 ask is in-line with what you’re getting;

8GB of RAM, 256GB of internal storage, Snapdragon 845 Processor, 3730mAh battery with VOOC fast charging, Android 8.1 Oreo (I wish we got Pie instead), an extremely beautiful design with a large notchless display and mini heart attacks each time the phone slips from your pocket, all for 100k? What more could you need?


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