Airtel amazing data bundles

The new Finance Act of 2018 got all telcos increasing their prices for data, call and SMS. With their revamped Amazing Data Bundles, Airtel opted to revise their offerings so that their subscribers get more value and don’t have to pay more to connect with their friends and family or browse the internet.

Airtel Amazing Data Bundles

Price (Ksh)OfferValidity Extras

With the amazing data bundles offering, you get more for less especially with the additional goodies. Worth noting is that the Free WhatsApp being offered has no strings attached meaning that when using the chat app, your bundles won’t be consumed – a key difference to similar offerings from other telcos in the country. This ensures that once you purchase a data bundle, you’ll be guaranteed it will last longer depending on its validity.

With the telco increasing its 4G coverage countrywide, here’s what you can do depending on the Amazing Data bundles Airtel is offering especially for those who don’t have constant access to a Wi-Fi network:

  • Update your apps. This is necessary as most updates provide bug fixes and security patches so that your phone continues running smoothly
  • Stream football matches especially if your favourite team is playing their arch rival and you just put a bet on them
  • Binge YouTube content without the worry of whether you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network
  • Browse through your social media feeds, liking, Retweeting or sharing posts you find funny when you’re stuck in the never-ending traffic of Nairobi and still be able to share memes to your WhatsApp groups without depleting your bundles
  • For those who binge Viusasa content, you’ll not only be limited to watching the videos when you’re on wifi but also when you’re using mobile data with the weekly or monthly plan
  • If you decide to go to areas that aren’t covered by Airtel’s 4G network, you can also opt to download your content for offline viewing ensuring you stay entertained
  • If you’re nowhere near a Wi-Fi network and your boss or client needs a report or you can use the daily plan to work on it online and send that email and still stay connected via WhatsApp
  • If you’re in multiple WhatsApp groups in which a lot of funny clips are shared, you now don’t have to worry about exhausting your bundles.

Airtel’s revamped data-centric product packs so much value making it easier for its close to 10 million subscribers to stay more connected without the worry of digging deep into their pockets.


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