GSMA and Kenya Mobile Operators Sign Charter to Protect Children Online

We Care Campaign
Joy Nyaga of Airtel, Safaricom Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Steve Chege, JTL John Kamau, Clare Ruto of Telkom Kenya and Mr. Akinwale of GSMA display the signed children protection charter during the launch of WE CARE campaign at the Serena Hotel today.

We Care CampaignKenya’s top mobile operators have signed a charter that will see them strive towards making the internet a safe place for children, as well as providing solutions for social and economic challenges. The agreement, which was signed earlier today, was done in collaboration with the GSMA.

Dubbed #WeCareKenya, the campaign, which is lauded as Africa’s first, aims to improve the industry’s reputation that entails key partnership with Safaricom, Telkom Kenya, Airtel Kenya, and Jamii Telecom.

“The Mobile Network Operators took on a series of commitments to leverage the power of mobile technology in providing various solutions to social and economic challenges. Being World Children’s Day, all the network operators present signed the Kenya Child Online Protection Industry Charter, promising to focus on child online safety protection in their business concerns,” reads a statement from the launch.

Generally speaking, We Care Campaign targets to position carriers as responsible corporate citizens and illustrate the benefits of mobile technology in transforming lives. What is more, the charter will create a platform where operators can discuss and explore initiatives that can have a long-lasting impact on Kenyans, in additional to showcasing their commitment to work with government bodies to empower their customers and offer improved mobile experiences.

The charter goes live during World Children’s Day that stresses on the child safety. The online world offers many opportunities for information gathering, entertainment, and social interaction.  Indeed, many positive effects can be experienced from time spent online. Nonetheless, the dangers of sexual solicitation and exposure, identity threats, cyber-bullying, and online addiction are real and should not be ignored by parents and service providers. Precaution should be used to educate children and adolescents about the online world and how to manage and avoid its hazards.