Eazzy Banking App Updated with Android 9 Pie Support

Eazzy App

Eazzy AppEquity’s Eazzy Banking app is a favourite financial tool for its users. I have been using it for near two years now, and in that period, I haven’t really felt that the app needed to add more features, save for a cosmetic overhaul it so much needs, again.

That aside, the offerings of Eazzy Banking are still stellar: I can send money to most locally available financial services, as well as pay bills without jumping a series of hurdles (although changes in services fees that were instituted by the Financial Bill 2018 are still a pain to many).

Perhaps the reason Eazzy Banking serves me so much better than competing products is how its developers churn out updates in a timely manner. For instance, the launch on new Android versions implies that developers should update apps to the highest API levels.

In late 2017, I had issues with the app on phones running Oreo, and upon sending my queries to the Finserve team, a fix was rolled out in the Play Store in a week or so.

I experienced similar crashes a fortnight ago when I installed the app on a device running Android 9 Pie. Fortunately, this issue has since been fixed (yeah, I sent them a couple of DMs just for kicks) in an update that went live a day or so ago.

The changelog reads as follows:

More bugs squashed and features improved in this release of Eazzy Banking, especially Android 9 Pie devices that reported crashes while using the app. We have optimized on the size of the app, so you can use less data while downloading it!

Obviously, this is the kind of support that any user will be happy to see.

Lastly, there appears to be no new added feature(s) in this release, save for optimizations that will see users use less data bundles when downloading the app.


  1. ‘ A day or two ago’… Interesting, I have had this update since 9 November after waiting 2 months for them to update it to work with Pie. they took longer to update it to pie than they did with Oreo

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