Data Prices Comparison Between Network Operators in Keny

Buying data bundles has become part of our budget in this modern life and as Kenyans, you can find any data bundle that fits your budget.

We have a host of options nowadays from the various network providers we have in Kenya and this is shown very well from this table.

This table contains data bundle pricing from Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom Kenya and JTL.

Data Package Safaricom (Kshs)Data PackageAirtel (Kshs)Data PackageTelkom (Kshs)Data PackageJTL (Kshs)
7MB (daily)58MB (daily)525MB (daily)101GB (daily)50
15MB (daily)1040MB (daily)1080MB (daily)208GB (weekly)300
50MB (daily)20100MB (daily)20500MB (daily)4915GB (weekly)500
150MB (daily)50400MB (daily)502GB (daily)9925GB (monthly)1000
500MB (daily)992GB (daily) 9940MB (weekly)2040GB (monthly)2000
Giga 1GB (daily)99200MB (weekly)50150MB (weekly)4970GB (monthly)3000
100 MB (weekly)50500MB (weekly)100400MB (weekly)99120GB (monthly)4000
350 MB (weekly)992GB (weekly)2502GB (weekly)249210GB6000
1GB (weekly)2506GB (weekly)5001GB (monthly)249Kifaru (1GB daily)1500 (monthly)
3GB (weekl)5001.5GB (monthly)3003GB (monthly)499Ndovu (2GB daily)2500 (monthly)
10 GB 9weekly)9994GB (monthly)50010GB (monthly)999Simba (3GB daily)4000 (monthly)
350MB (monthly)25010GB (monthly)100020GB (monthly)1999
2GB (monthly)50015GB (monthly)150036GB (monthly)2999
5GB (monthly)100025GB (monthly)2000Night Owl 5GB (12AM-6AM)39
15GB (monthly)200040GB (monthly)3000
25GB (monthly)3000
6GB (90 days)3500
16 GB (90 days)6000
30GB (90 days)9000



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