Millennial Who Sold Kidney For an iPhone 4 is Now Bedridden

xiao wang

You can never argue the fact that iPhones are one of the most coveted pieces of technology and the problem is that they are expensive.

Apple devices have traditionally not been cheap and some countries are lucky where they can pay for these devices on 2 year contracts for example. However in most countries, you have to pony up the full amount upfront and it is not cheap.

Back in 2010, Apple announced the iPhone 4 which was a radical design shift from the iPhone 3G and 3GS. It also introduced the glass-metal sandwich design and you’d understand why people loved this thing. It was also expensive, the 16GB model was $649 unlocked and the 32GB was $749 unlocked.

This was also the time we started seeing reports of people using unusual means to get the money to pay for this devices.

A popular story was about this teen who sold his kidney to buy an iPhone back in 2012. The teen at the time known by his surname Wang, received $3,500 for his kidney and it resulted in him buying an iPhone and an iPad. It was reported at that his decision to sell his kidney did not go well since he was suffering from renal issues.

Well that story did not go well since now Xiao Wang as he is now identified is apparently permanently disabled.

He is not the only person who has been reported selling his body organ for a device. This is apparently rampant in China and even in 2015, some people were reported to be selling their kidneys to buy the iPhone 6S. Devices like smartphones become obsolete really quickly and it is not worth the trouble to sell your own body organ for something that will become obsolete in 2 years.