Here are Some of the ‘Bloodmoon’ Photos Shared on Social Media

I love me some "bloodmoon" photos

blood moon photos social media
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solar eclipse

Eclipses are usually one of those visible cosmic phenomena that get people excited because they are rare. The famous ones are total solar eclipses where the moon appears to cover the sun completely and lunar eclipses where the Earth is between the sun and the moon and the moon appears ‘red’.

Total lunar eclipses appear red and that is why it is regarded as the bloodmoon. Also thanks to the wild imagination humans have, this results to people thinking it is the end of the world or to watch out for werewolves.

Despite the mythological interest in this spectacle, it is still a phenomenon that arouses a lot of interest. People have telescopes to view it in entirety while others are ready with their cameras with long lenses to capture the eclipse beautifully. These photos usually end up getting shared on social media and Twitter and Instagram are great mediums to check out this content.

This is a wide shot from Seattle

Just look at this. Just look

A closeup. Check out that red

A much brighter exposure on the moon

This one has perspective

The more impressive ones are when you hook an excellent phone camera like the Pixel 2 to a telescope

There was also a lot of photos shared on Instagram about the blood moon and here are some of them.

This is my favourite. Again Seattle background with the moon at the top of the Space Needle.


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Is it too late to post my #bloodmoon shot?

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This one shows the stages of the lunar eclipse so well

This is so good

This looks like a CGI shot in a movie

Wow. Properly processed photo but still wow