10 Kenyan Government Websites You Need in Your Life

10 kenyan government websites you need to know

Accessing services provided by the government has become the norm rather than the exception. In the last few years, we have seen the Kenyan government move some of the services it renders to its citizens online. This has made it easy and convenient to access these services, or in some cases to access information.

The Kenyan government has a lot of websites. They range from ministerial websites to websites that are specifically geared to give services. Here is a list of 10 government websites that you need in your life.


This is arguably one of the most popular government linked websites in this list. The whole point of eCitizen is to be a ‘gateway for all government services’ and it has been trying to accomplish that.

Currently, you can find 8 major services on the eCitzen platform.

  • NTSA where you can apply for a provisional driving licence, book a driving test, get a driving licence or apply for a driving licence renewal
  • DCI where you can apply to get your Police Clearance Certificate
  • KRA where you can access customs, domestic taxes or other KRA services
  • Business Registration Service
  • Office of the Attorney General and Department of Justice 
  • Civil Registration Department where you can apply for birth and death certificates
  • Department of Immigration Services where you apply for a passport visa and work permit
  • Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning where you search for title deeds, land rent clearances and more.


Kenya’s National Transport and Safety Authority is the government body tasked with the mandate to harmonize operations of key transport departments and managing the road transport sub-sector.

They have their TIMS (Transport Integrated Management System) which is a database that holds information about driver licences and vehicle inspections.  TIMS allows you to see our vehicle registration status, vehicle inspection booking information, driving licence information and more.

They also recently added the ability to book an appointment to get the new smart driving licences on TIMS.

Nairobi County Self Service Portal

Nairobi County has this portal which allows you to pay for services rendered by the county like paying parking fees, land rates, house rent, licence fees and more.

You will need to register for an account if you’re a new member where they’ll ask you for your name, email, phone number, ID number and for you to create a wallet pin.

This has become crucial especially if you want to pay for parking in Nairobi.


The Kenya Revenue Authority moved to the iTax platform which was a move to make tax returns a much easier process.

You can do all of your tax return activities in a single environment and besides eCitizen, it has become one of the top visited websites in the country. It usually gets crazy traffic around June when the deadline for tax returns is usually placed.

Kenya Power

Kenya Power is the parastatal that operates the electrical transmission and distribution system in the country.

Their official website gives you information like checking for future power interruptions in your area, knowing how to pay your bill and checking your bill. This information is usually critical for households and that is why it is an important website to keep tabs on.

Kenya Meteorological Department

This has to be the ugliest website in this list but it does serve its purpose. This website will serve you with important information like the daily forecast of some towns around Kenya and longer forecast reports (5 day, 7 day, monthly or seasonal).

If you rely on getting information about the weather of the country, this is a fine place to get the data you need. This could be a farmer or a research student or just the normal average citizen who is curious about knowing the current weather.

Public Procurement Information Portal

This is the government portal where you get information regarding tenders, contracts, suppliers and the contract value done by the government.

Currently it says that there are a total number of 9,034 tenders, 1978 contracts, 4,961 suppliers and contracts worth 66.65 billion as of writing this article available on the platform as information.


The National Hospital Insurance Fund is a state body that is mandated to provide health insurance to Kenyans over the age of 18. If you are employed, you have seen a monthly or annual deduction that goes to pay for your medical insurance.

The NHIF website gives you information about what benefits they offer from your monthly deductions as well as give you links to download forms, register online for NHIF, hospital only logins, employer logins, list of hospitals and more.


The government launched the Ajira Digital Program in 2016 which had the objective to introduce young people to online work and obtain training from it.

The website shows you the online training you can obtain as well as Ajira Centers you can access and ‘Studio Mashinani’ which lets the youth showcase their talents in performance art.

Kenya Law

The National Council for Law Reporting is a state corporation in the Judiciary that is responsible for reporting on development of Kenya’s jurisprudence through the publication of the Kenya Law reports and more.

You can check out a lot of information from the website like publications, information regarding tribunals, laws of Kenya, case search and my favourite…the Kenya Gazette. The Kenya Gazette usually contains a lot of interesting information about  what the government has approved or new appointments and so much more.

It is a very valuable website and it not only gives information to lawyers, journalists and the likes, it can also give information to the general public alike.


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