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KRA Updates iTax Platform to Reflect New Digital Service Tax

Back in June 2020, President Kenyatta signed the Finance Bill 2020, which introduced amendments for statutes, among many other revisions, for The Income Tax...

KRA Clears the Air on Alleged Halt of Filing of Tax Returns

A couple of hours, a local blog pushed a story that alleged that Kenya’s tax collector arm KRA had axed keying in of PAYE...
10 kenyan government websites you need to know

10 Kenyan Government Websites You Need in Your Life

Accessing services provided by the government has become the norm rather than the exception. In the last few years, we have seen the Kenyan...

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to Disable PINs Missing on iTax by August 31

Doing things at the last minute has become part of our culture; it is inherently Kenyan to try beat a deadline, which often ends...

1.6 Million Kenyan Taxpayers Have Registered on iTax

In April, the Kenya Revenue Authority introduced a raft of new changes to the iTax system aimed at encouraging use of internet solutions for...