Huawei Teases Foldable 5G Phone to Be Revealed this Month

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Whether you like it or not, fold-able phones seem to be all the rage this year and it seems Huawei is joining the fun from a tweet posted today.

From the tweet, the graphic presented shows a smartphone-looking device that has a significant arch at the middle, which suggests that Huawei might announce a fold-able phone in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) this month.

Huawei schedules the keynote reveal of the mystery device on MWC on 24th of this month at 2PM Barcelona time (4pm Nairobi time).

This could be potentially the first 5G fold able device available on the market and it will go well with the theme of MWC. Mobile World Congress is usually the platform where we get to see the best innovations surrounding mobile and it might be a showstopper at the event.

As the year progresses, we have seen three main themes for year surrounding phones. Phone manufacturers and ISPs are hyping 5G as the new way to get even faster speeds than the current 4G networks.

Phone manufacturers are also trying to move away from the slab design choice of the traditional smartphone and moving away from its limitations by trying new things like fold-able phones. We have seen manufacturers like Samsung, Xiaomi and Royole show off their prototypes and it is indeed a testament of what we should expect in the future.

MWC is slightly over three weeks away and by teasing a device that combines both 5G and the folding form-factor, Huawei could have a showstopper here, but we have to wait and see.



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