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smart phone performance

7 Tips To Improve Your Phone Performance

Smartphones much like desktops and laptops are susceptible slow speed and lags. Even the latest devices on the market aren't completly immune to this...
Dark Mode on A Phone

What is Dark Mode? – Why it is important?

You may have heard of the dark mode or have already started using it already. What is dark mode and why is it important...
DroiPad 7D gaming

This is Why I Don’t Like Gaming on Smartphones

We use our smartphones for so many things and one of them is gaming. Gaming is such an important part of the smartphone experience...

US State Bill Wants To Ban Cellphone Use For Anyone Under 21

Smartphone use has become ubiquitous in our daily lives and people of all ages use it daily. However, it seems that legislators in other...
africa phone shipments down q1 2019

Africa’s Smartphone and Feature phone Shipments Decline in Q1 2019

According to the latest insights from the International Data Corporation (IDC), Africa's smartphone market saw a decrease due to economic challenges. Q1 2019 outlook in...
smartphone camera

Understand these Photography Terms to Buy a Better Smartphone Camera

Resolution, FPS, sensor, bokeh—do you understand these terms usually seen in marketing material for smartphones? Such specifications determine how good the quality of the...
mobile app features

Important Features Your Mobile App Needs to Have

Providing users with a great experience should be the main goal you have when creating a new app. Whether your app will be used...
huawei allowed to trade with US companies

Huawei Teases Foldable 5G Phone to Be Revealed this Month

Whether you like it or not, fold-able phones seem to be all the rage this year and it seems Huawei is joining the fun...

Out with the Old Phone, in with the New

There’s no doubt about it, we live in a gadget-loving, device-dependent world. We love watching Netflix on our Apple TV, Roku, or Fire TV....
IBM Simon

Today’s Popular Smartphone Features and The Devices That Pioneered Them

People say that you never forget your first, regardless of what you are referring to. Well, this rule doesn't really apply to technology, since...
Tecno, Infinix, OPPO

Features We’d Like to See from TECNO, Infinix and OPPO Smartphones in 2018

A new year is upon us and CES 2018 is underway, I thought we should have a wishlist of what we want to see...

Africa’s Most Popular Smartphones Show a Budding Love for Budget Devices

We all have our reservations when it comes to brands, especially with smartphones, we have loyalists then we have those who make their decisions...
Broken iPhone

Today’s Gadgets Are Worth Protecting: Here’s How

Let’s not mince words. You paid $649 for that iPhone 6, even if your carrier subsidized most of it up front. If...
durex breakthrough

Durex Wants Beta Testers For Smartphones Initiated Orgasms

Durex, is preparing to announce a major mobile technology breakthrough which it claims could revolutionize sex. Durex launched the new digital division Durex Labs...

How To Turn Your Android Phone into a Home CCTV Security System

Did you know that your Android device can be used as a home CCTV security system? The Android app Salient Eye helps you do...

Asus takes product experience to universities in efforts to increase penetration in the tablet and portable PC market

There is a growing demand for tablets and mobile PCs in Kenya, Asus has taken to the country's universities to promote its devices as...
Lumia 1520 Kenya

Microsoft’s Windows Phone fastest growing OS Worldwide, new IDC Data Reveals

According to a new mobile phone forecast from the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, Windows Phone stands to grow fastest...
Firefox OS

Firefox Mobile Operating System set to Rock the Smartphone Market

Something new is about to break out and its the new Firefox Smartphone Operating System. The Firefox Mobile OS aimed at challenging the Apple...

Smartphones and Tablets drive Strong Growth in Processor Market – IHS Report 2013

The global processor market is set to rise by 24% in 2013 due to strong smartphone and tablet sales. A report by IHS Inc...

There will be 5.6 billion Smartphone Subscriptions by 2019 – Report

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlmMYs1ZkTs The mobile phone has gained a lot of acceptance globally with Africa experiencing a lot of benefits from mobile subscriptions. Ericsson predicts that by...
Nokia Car Mount

4 Accessories to Complement Your Smartphone

Now that you have the latest smartphone that you've been dreaming of, you need to use it to its full potential. However, you must buy...
Nokia Asha 501

Is it safe to say that Nokia now has two Smartphone platforms?

Nokia boss Stephen Elop said once upon a time that Nokia's strategy for smartphones is Windows phone and Windows phone alone. And that Ashas...
Smartphones for business

Has the mobile phone evolved to be the standalone business tool yet?

Mobile phones in business have reached impressive new levels of practicality. Internal and external communications have been revolutionized in forward thinking businesses; information and...
Samsung, Apple

Samsung smartphone sales poised to spike in 2013

Samsung must have very happy shareholders with all these good predictions by research firms and good acceptance in the market. Almost everything seems to...
Samsung GALAXY Note II

Samsung hits the 1 million milestone with Galaxy Note II in home country

Samsung was making sales while you had your holidays, and this is evident by reports that they did 1 million sales of the second...
Iphone 5 4G

Four reasons to consider an upgrade to 4G

Whether it is the sheer temptation of the iPhone 5, or a real need to get a faster web connection when away from the office,...
Google play music

Check Out the Best Music Apps for Your New Smartphone

Got a new smartphone? You’re probably dying to check out all its capabilities, including the options available for streaming or caching music. Who needs to...

Safaricom and Huawei release subsidized Ascend Y100 into the Wild

Huawei, still snatching up millions of consumers in low end smart phones have come up with an improvement to last years model of the...

Android App Review: SMART SHORTCUTS (IDEOS u8150 Series)

Home Screen Shortcut Management: Overview The native android 2.2 home screen interface comprises of a dedicated shortcut launcher for the "phone/applications menu/native-browser" services found at...
Nokia C7

Nokia C7, how i feel about it

Nokia N8 got a smaller brother, or is it sister? Well i like both of them. The first time i laid my eyes on...
angry birds

Angry birds, i didnt do games before…but!

There is a craze thats in, absorbed me in it...and thats Angry birds. This game is proving to be one of the successful games...

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