Finserve Updates Eazzy Banking App with More Security Features

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Equity Bank’s mobile app Eazzy Banking has been partially out for a couple of weeks now. The app, which has proved its usefulness to a lot of people, could not allow users to sign into their bank account profile, save for those who were already logged in. This drove a lot of people mad including yours truly, but we’re happy to report that this issue has been resolved.

The tool received an update a couple of minutes ago that finally allows users to log in seamlessly. However, the update has brought in a lot of changes that were not there in the first place.

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To begin with, users will need to add in more details during the sign in process, unlike previous times when all you needed was your card number or Equitel number linked to your account and the app’s PIN.

Among the new details required include your two names, account number, ID number and mobile number linked to the account. This effectively makes the sign in process slightly longer, but we can guess the motivation behind this development.

Over the past weeks, Equity customers have been faulting the bank for not securing their funds after tens of people reported mysterious loss of funds from their accounts. Perhaps, this update is geared towards eliminating these cases as it has been established that fraudsters use online means to defraud people of their hard earned cash.

The update is live on Google Play for Android users.