Huawei’s Foldable, 5G Handheld the Mate X Leaked Ahead of Official Launch

Mate X

Mate XWorld’s most notable mobile show the Mobile World Congress (MWC) is here. The forum will definitely see the announcement of several mobile devices from key market players such as Sony, LG and Huawei (Samsung did reveal the S10 lineup already, and so did Xiaomi with the Mi9). The staging of the show, which should start sometime later today, is presumably packing lots of surprises, some of which may have been inadvertently or deliberately revealed to stir conversations.

A Twitter user @gimme2pm did upload a banner that shows the preparation of a Huawei booth with the Chinese manufacturer’s upcoming foldable phone, the Mate X. The device is predicted to be one of two or more foldable phones that will be announced at MWC, including a candidate from Xiaomi too. Samsung already announced the KES 200,000 Galaxy Fold, which will go on sale in April.

Huawei is reportedly prepping the foldable device with the latest tech such as the inclusion of 5G radios, which the company has been teasing for months now. The growth of the OEM and its notable hand in pioneering telecoms equipment manufacturing puts it in a unique position to lead the market with bleeding-edge devices that the banner appears to confirm.

The Mate X may be different from the Galaxy fold, at least in the physical design perspective. For instance, the Fold has two distinct displays, a 4.6” on the front, and a larger one at the back that opens up as the device is unfolded. Huawei’s appears to covert a single display into a usable screen on both sides of the closed handheld.

We will get more information about the device when it goes live later on today. We may also be lucky to get a hands-on experience (it may be challenging because the number of tech journalists on the floor will be overwhelming) as our own Martin Gicheru is in Barcelona where the all the announcements will be made.