Safaricom Discontinues Flex Bundles, Advantage Plus in Favour of All in One Bundles

They will be discontinued as from 8th April 2019


safaricom discontinues flex bundles

Safaricom will discontinue their FLEX bundles and Advantage Plus bundles which were additional bundle options for Safaricom customers.

The FLEX bundles were introduced almost two years ago where customers could use their airtime to buy ‘FLEX’ units that could be used either for data, voice or SMS with no fixed allocation to either. At the time, 1 FLEX unit was either 20 seconds of talk time, 3MB of data or 3 text messages. Safaricom also had a number of FLEX bundles you could buy as low as 115 FLEX units for Kshs 99 valid for a day and upto 3,100 FLEX units for Kshs 2,499 that were valid for a month.

On the other hand, Advantage Plus bundles were packaged bundles that contained a set number of minutes, SMS and data balance for a flat fee. the Kshs 2999 bundle (Advantage Plus Superior) gave you 1500 minutes of talk time to all networks, 1500 SMS and 3GB of data. The Kshs 4,999 bundle (Premium) gave you 3,000 minutes, 3000 SMS and 6GB of data. The Kshs 9,000 bundle (VIP) gave you 9000 minutes, 9000 SMS and 18GB of data.

It seems they were not as popular as Safaricom wanted them to be. Some people have received service notifications about the discontinuation of the service where both Advantage Plus and Flex bundles will no longer be available from 8th April 2019.

Flex will still be available for those who have used it in the past, while it will be off the menu for those who have never used it.

In lieu of this, Safaricom is pushing their new all in one monthly bundles which are similar to the Advantage+ plans but have more options. For example for KES 1000 monthly, you can plan either to have only 5GB a month + Free WhatsApp or 200 minutes talktime, 4GB of data and free WhatsApp or 400 minutes of data, 1GB of data and free WhatsApp. This is a better preposition for most people since it caters for the different needs across the population.


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